Ski Servicing

You have spent a lot of money on your skis or board so keep them / it running smoothly. We use machinery from WINTERSTEIGER and others to ensure a good finish.We finish all skis by hand to ensure the best tuning. We also aim to keep our service rates as low as possible. Please allow 10 days for ski/board servicing at busy times. NEW COVID MEASURES. PLEASE ALLOW AT LEAST  10 DAYS AFTER YOU RETURN FROM ABROAD BEFORE BRINGING EQUIPMENT FOR SERVICING.

For any advise please email us

Snowblade Service
Sand bases, edge sharpen, hot wax and buff


Basic Ski Service
Sand bases, edge sharpen, hot wax and buff.


Full ski service
Sand bases. Fill in all deep gouges. Edge sharpen (side and base ).Hot wax & buff.


Snowboard service
Sharpen edges, hot wax & buff.. For boards with lots of deep gouges in the base add £10.00 .
(please remove bindings before bringing in)


Hot Wax Skis


Binding fitting
For skis/bindings not supplied by Snow Togs


Boot Stretch
Shell stretch, per boot


Hot Wax Boards
Board hot wax and scrape


Boot Liner Heat Mould
Heat  Mould Boot Liners  (not purchased from Snow Togs)


Boot Shell & Liner Mould
Heat Shell & Liner (boot not purchased from Snow Togs)