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You want comfortable ski boots? 1. Buy boots that suit your standard and ability. 2. Be fitted by a experienced trained boot fitter ! 3. Take your time. Allow at least an hour. 4. Buy well in advance of your holiday and try the boots at home. If all OK wear boots at home for half an hour each evening 1 week before holiday. Skiboots need to be ‘bedded’ in, that’s why you need to buy in advance in the UK !..
Our ranges shown are for guidance only..Come in and be fitted correctly.. With the new heat mouldable shells we can fit all sorts of ‘problem’ feet..
Also remember custom footbeds are not just a add on but will really help the fit of your new boots by properly supporting your foot allowing the whole body to be correctly aligned

Boot fitting appointments now available (midweek only ).. please phone 02380 773925 or email

Please remember when coming for a boot fitting not to wear tight jeans / trousers than won’t roll up to the knee !!

Some sizes styles now sold out for 16/17 season. Please phone before making journey.


Monday CLOSED Please email us if you need to contact
us outside of these hours

Please note latest specialist boot
fitting is one hour before closing times....
Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday 10am - 2pm
Friday 10am - 3pm
Saturday 10am – 3pm
Please note Parking: 2 hours free parking in service road outside shop............ April is our testing / buying month for next Winter so please check our opening times.